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Grove Village Bimini Block Plans Submitted Giving a Caribbean Touch to Coconut Grove

Miami's Coconut Grove is about to get a taste of the Bahamas, and no, we're not talking about a new rum bar. Grove Bimini Nassau QOZB, LLC (try saying that three times fast after a mojito), managed by Sankesh Abbhi of Abbhi Capital, has submitted plans for the Grove Village Bimini Block project to Miami's Urban Development Review Board (UDRB). It seems Abbhi Capital is determined to bring a bit of island flair to the concrete jungle of Miami.

The proposed project, which spans multiple addresses along Hibiscus Street, Thomas Avenue, and Grand Avenue, aims to modify the existing Major Use Special Permit (MUSP) approved back in 2011. It's like they're trying to remodel a house, except the "house" is actually several city blocks. Talk about an extreme makeover!

The original Grove Village MUSP approved a mixed-use project covering 12 acres in west Coconut Grove, with 349 residential units and about 750,924 square feet of commercial and office space. Each block was named after a Bahamian island, paying homage to the Bahamians who helped build Miami. It's a history lesson and a real estate development all rolled into one!

Now, Abbhi Capital is focusing on the Bimini Block, proposing a five-story mixed-use structure designed by Arquitectonica. The plan includes approximately 26,182 square feet of commercial space and 176 residential units. It's like they're building a small town within the city, minus the town gossip and the one traffic light that never seems to change.

The modifications aim to enhance compliance with local architectural guidelines, emphasizing Bahamian and Caribbean elements. So, if you've always wanted to live in a building that looks like it could be on a postcard from Nassau, your dreams might just come true.

One of the highlights is the creation of a large pedestrian plaza fronting Grand Avenue. It's not quite a beach, but hey, at least you won't get sand in your shoes!

The five-story building would total 339,735 square feet, with residential units ranging from 705 to 1,255 square feet. There's also a pool on the second floor, because nothing says "tropical paradise" quite like doing laps while staring at a concrete wall.

As Coconut Grove continues to evolve, the Grove Village Bimini Block project represents a unique blend of historical nods and modern urban development. It's like Miami is trying to have its conch fritter and eat it too. And who knows? If this trend continues, we might just see palm trees popping up in downtown next. Oh wait, those are already there.

Images: Arquitectonica



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