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How technology is changing our small trucking business

Technology in 2020 is trending to make transformational changes in the way it impacts our lives. From consumer products such as the flexible OLED TV, which can be rolled up and put away, to the deployment of 5G and Starlink broadband internet technology, and the return to space, 2020 marks the beginning of the decade that promises to be both complex and excit


When we think of these startling advances in technology, trucking companies and trucks do not come to mind. For most people, trucking means large vehicles carrying freight, consumer products, industrial materials for manufacturing, and, in our case, aggregates for the construction industry.

The reality is that in the last few years, trucking companies have integrated new products such as Forward-Looking Cameras, Collision Mitigation Technology, and Trailer Tracking Technology, a GPS based system with a trailer-tracking device that provides data that can be fed into any fleet management system, but these applications were introduced a few years ago.

Most experts believe that 2020 is the year that electric trucks go on sale, and we will see how that goes; On the other hand, the autonomous truck technology has proven to be a tougher nut to crack as there are still too many unanswered questions and safety concerns.

At Eagle Carrier, we are using state-of-the-art Mack Trucks equipped with GPS tracking, Demolition Bodies, Asphalt Shoots, Tarps, and Swing Gates. Additionally, we are already testing the first phase of a new digital solution that will provide our Truck Control Center with the real-time data to optimize loads, fleet management and route optimization, which can help our fleet save in fuel cost and improve customer service. Three additional phases are scheduled for development later this year, including Order Management, Accounting integration, and a Mobile App that will eliminate the archaic paper-based ticket system used by most companies in our industry.

Our investment in the development of digital solutions is a crucial element of our 2020 growth strategy, and it demonstrates our commitment to building efficiency in our processes, improving performance, lowering operating costs, and allowing us to deploy more significant resources for growth-related operations.



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