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Why it’s an exciting time to be at Eagle Carriers

Hello, my name is Joel Calleiro, and about six months ago, I joined Eagle Carriers to help in the planning and execution of a major restructuring that would propel the company to the proverbial “next level.” Currently, I am functioning as the Marketing Manager, and thus, blogging is under my purview.

As I write this post, the company is fully engaged in the implementation of policies and procedures that, along with a new sales and marketing strategy, are necessary to manage the growth and achieve our objectives.

I have read a few books and articles about corporate reorganizations, and words like guilt, anxiety, anger, and fear come to mind. Maybe those feelings only apply to large enterprises where corporate politics sometimes interfere and cloud communications. Not the case for Eagle Carriers.

We are a small company with a strong commitment to the vision set forth by Eric Pereira, our CEO and President. Eric has been a relentless promoter and evangelist of a vision which many of our competitors and critics called “crazy.” It did not take very long for everyone at Eagle to buy into it and become fully vested in Eric’s vision.

The key to the quick turn around was Eric’s ability to articulate the vision with clarity and consistency. I think that most of us could recite it by heart, but more importantly, all of us firmly believe that it is the way to a brighter future.

We are a team, working hard, and encouraging each other to keep moving forward towards the goal. We often meet to review our plan, gauge our progress, and make adjustments when necessary, without losing sight of the goal. It has been both fun and challenging, but never boring!

I’ll be posting weekly on topics related to our industry, as well as keeping you informed about our progress, policies, and new services. Stay tuned.



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