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4225 Ponce De Leon Blvd In Coral Gables - Construction Breaking Ground

Greetings, Coral Gables enthusiasts and architecture aficionados! Hold onto your Gucci hats because Constellation Group, the celestial wizards of commercial real estate, has just broken ground on a project that's set to redefine elegance in the heart of South Florida's enchanting Coral Gables – 4225 Ponce!

The Groundbreaking Spectacle:

Picture this: a groundbreaking ceremony attended by an A-list lineup that included the brainiacs from Constellation and The Boschetti Group, the city's charismatic Mayor Vince Lago (who probably made the ground shake with his enthusiasm), the money maestros from Banesco USA and Abanca (the real superheroes behind the financing), the design divas from Arquitectonica, and the builders of dreams – Burke Construction.

Eduardo Otaola's Moment of Glory:

In the midst of this stellar gathering, Eduardo Otaola, the Managing Principal at Constellation Group, couldn't help but beam with pride. He declared, "This is like our baby's first step, only this baby is an eight-story architectural marvel!" You could almost feel the twinkle in his eye as he spoke about creating a best-in-class office space that's the living embodiment of Coral Gables' elegance and sophistication.

4225 Ponce – A Symphony of Luxury and Innovation:

Designed by the architectural maestros at Arquitectonica, the 85,000 square feet Class A+ Office is not just a building; it's a statement. This eight-story beauty will house premier office spaces, 5,500 square feet of retail therapy on the ground floor, parking facilities that rival a luxury car showroom, and a rooftop venue with views that would make your Instagram followers turn green with envy.

Now, here's the cherry on top – a 6,000 square foot rooftop venue, where you can not only touch the sky but also nibble on some heavenly delights from a food and beverage outlet. Talk about dining with a view!

And the fun doesn't stop there – a pedestrian plaza and a paseo with valet service will make tenants and visitors feel like royalty as they waltz into this architectural wonderland.

Revitalizing Coral Gables’ Merrick Park District:

This groundbreaking isn't just about concrete and steel; it's a crucial part of Coral Gables' master plan for the Merrick Park district. Imagine the district as the hero in a superhero movie, and 4225 Ponce is the sidekick, ready to boost both the business and consumer landscape. If Coral Gables was a painting, this development would be the brushstroke that takes it from beautiful to breathtaking.

Meet the Maestros Behind the Curtain:

  1. Constellation Group & The Boschetti Group: The dynamic duo, the masterminds, the architects of dreams.

  2. Coral Gables Mayor Vince Lago: The charismatic leader, the captain of the Coral Gables ship, ensuring that the city sails smoothly into architectural greatness.

  3. Banesco USA and Abanca: The financial wizards, the ones who turn dreams into reality with the magic of numbers.

  4. Arquitectonica: The creative minds, the architects who turned 4225 Ponce into an eight-story work of art.

  5. Burke Construction: The builders, the craftsmen who turn blueprints into reality, one beam at a time.

Coming Soon - 2025: The Grand Unveiling:

Mark your calendars, folks! The grand reveal of 4225 Ponce is slated for 2025, and Coral Gables is getting ready to witness the birth of a new architectural star.


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