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North Bay Village or Nueva Buenos Aires? Developers Go All In on Argentine Invasion

In the midst of Miami's sweltering summer, an unlikely renaissance is brewing in the sleepy island village of North Bay Village. As whispers circulate about the Argentine Football Association (AFA) scouting locations for a lavish new training facility, savvy developers have seemingly gone loco, placing multi-billion dollar bets that the area will soon become a soccer-crazed hotbed of argentino life.

"At first we thought it was just a few expats homesick for alfajores and mate," chuckles the mayor. "But then these massive high-rise projects started popping up like daisies. I'm brushing up on my Spanish just to keep up with all the construction!"

Indeed, as hype around the potential AFA academy grows, developers have unleashed an ambitious slate of residential and mixed-use megaprojects aimed at luring hordes of wealthy futbol fanatics:

Leading the charge is the ultra-luxe Continuum Club & Residences, a 32-story stunner by the Continuum Company offering 198 residences with interiors by Durukan Design. With prices from $1 million to $4.5 million, the condo is being touted as the ultimate amenity-laden landing spot for Albiceleste diehards.

Not to be outdone, Shoma Group's 24-story Shoma Bay will cater to a more zen crowd with 333 units, a grocery delivery room, zen garden, and rooftop pool deck - perfect for unwinding after a heated match watch party.

For the truly posh, there's the Pagani Residences, the world's first branded residential building by the Italian supercar maker. The boutique 70-unit tower will offer all-corner residences, a swanky marina, and boardwalk strolls along the waterfront starting at $2.4 million. Vamos!

And in a city-making masterstroke, Sunbeam Properties is going vertical with a massive 8-10 tower megaproject boasting 1,936 residential units, office space, hotels, restaurants, marinas, you name it. At up to 650 feet tall, these unabashed skyscrapers could permanently reshape the North Bay Village skyline.

Meanwhile, other developments like S2 Development's maritime-inspired Marina View tower, and Jesta Group's hotel/apartment high-rise, are making equally aggressive moves to capitalize on the area's soaring Latin American appeal.

"With so many argentinos flocking here, I'm half-expecting to see a little obelisk erected in the middle of John F. Kennedy Causeway," jokes a local businessman of Argentine descent. With argentines continuing to flock to the area - property sales to the cohort nearly tripled from 2020-2022 - it's clear local builders are going doubles o'nada on North Bay Village's rebranding as Miami's "Nueva Buenos Aires."



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