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Vroom Vroom With a View: Automakers Racing to the Top of Miami's Skyline

In Miami's ultra-competitive luxury housing market, developers are shifting into overdrive to attract deep-pocketed buyers. Their latest secret weapon? Calling in some reinforcements from the world's most prestigious automotive brands.

That's right, in case you haven't noticed, Miami is going gaga for condos designed in collaboration with elite car brands. Every luxury tower seemingly has an auto sponsor giving it that extra vroom these days.

We're talking the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach, which was one of the first completed back in 2017 (and even drew a celebrity buyer like Lionel Messi). The Bentley Residences are also coming to Sunny Isles, with construction just kicking off earlier this month. Meanwhile downtown has the Aston Martin Residences...heck, even the Italian design house Pininfarina – of Ferrari fame – got in on the action early with their brand new 1100 Millecento tower in Brickell back in 2016.

This vehicular mania isn't just limited to the big boys either. The new Mercedes-Benz Place in Brickell ensures you'll be livin' that three-pointed star lifestyle with "Technical Silver" hues. And did someone say the ultra-exclusive Pagani Residences is revving into North Bay Village? Sure, why not – everyone else is doing it!

So what's next in this automotive-architectural arms race? A Ferrari-designed tower, complete with rosso corsa red accents and a deafening engine rumble in the lobby? Maybe we'll see BMW make a play with heated hard-wood floors and a pool area shaped like the iconic kidney grills with two. or a tower designed by reigning F1 champs Red Bull with an energy drink fueled amenities deck?

Can't afford the primo luxury stuff? No worries, Kia or Honda could collab on a value tower conveniently located off the Palmetto. Just don't expect that valet to actually retrieve your Soul anytime soon . Or who knows, maybe Miami's most advertised dealership Kendall Toyota will finally take the leap into condo development with the Kendall Toyota Tower on US-1!

The possibilities are endless when the luxury housing market meets the luxury auto world's insatiable appetite for brand extension.

After all, if there are two things Miami loves, it's the roar of finely-tuned engines and the ear-splitting symphony of construction cranes. Maybe this auto-inspired condo obsession is just the natural intersection of those two great passions. Who needs auto racing when you can watch million-dollar cars jockey for valet position outside your luxe motor-lobby?


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