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Did You Know You're Probably Hiring Uninsured, Uninspected Trucks?

This is an Insured, Inspected, and Clean State of the Art Mack Truck from Eagle Carriers

I bet you thought you were running a responsible construction business. But chances are, you've been unwittingly hiring questionable uninsured trucks that should be nowhere near Florida's jobsites! It's almost certain some of those cheap carriers you found on or that your office manager’s “amiga que me hace el Cafecito” recommended are cutting corners on tedious details like insurance. Or safety inspections.

But who really needs liability coverage when there are profits to be made?! It's not like anything BAD could happen if Juan's Discount Trucking demolishes an overpass with their rickety 1986 dump truck that hasn’t been inspected since the Bush administration.

Sure, Florida statute 627.7415 clearly lays out insurance requirements for commercial trucks by weight. 44,000 pound and up vehicles need AT LEAST $300,000 per occurrence. And the penalties for NON-compliance seem awfully stern on paper. We're talking fines, revoked licenses, federal investigations - real headache stuff!

But rules and regulations slow things down! And we’re in the business of UNDERCUTTING safe, reputable carriers by a few more percentage points! So it’s a risk we’re clearly willing to take with the lives of everyone on Florida jobsites. Hopefully the savings pass on to you, our client!

So next time you hire a truck, don't waste time confirming $300k+ active insurance or valid inspection certificates. Just close your eyes, pick the lowest bidder, and rest easy knowing you've done your civic duty to pad profits! What could go wrong? (Cue crashing sound effect...)



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