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The Strength Behind Infrastructure - Crushed Lime Rock

Crushed Lime rock, commonly known as CLR, Lime rock, Lime rock base or Limestone gravel , is a foundational building block for infrastructure and construction projects. As one of the most ubiquitous crushed stones on the planet, lime rock makes up a bulk of the aggregates that give concrete its strength and durability.

At Eagle Carriers, we understand the vital role lime rock plays in building robust communities. That's why we supply contractors and builders with high-quality lime rock that adheres to industry specifications. We carry a range of sizes, from lime rock screenings to 3-inch lime rock, to suit any construction application.

The Lime Rock Advantage

Lime rock may seem like a basic material, but there are significant advantages to using lime rock over other fillers:

  • Adds compressive strength and resilience to concrete and asphalt

  • Allows flexibility in design with various grades and sizes

  • Improves drainage with porous structure

  • Provides long-lasting stability as a base and sub-base

  • Offers greater resistance to weathering and erosion

Whether you need a bed for laying pavers, a drainage backfill, or a solid base for foundations, lime rock has the durability to sustain structural integrity. That ultimately leads to infrastructure built to last.

Get Your Project Started on Solid Ground

For superior lime rock to meet the needs of your next project, choose Eagle Carriers as your trusted aggregate supplier. We have the inventory and logistics capabilities to deliver any order size right when you need it.

Contact us today to discuss how our lime rock products can provide the reliable backing for your upcoming construction and infrastructure projects. We’re ready to help you break ground and build communities on an enduring foundation.


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