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Hot Mix Asphalt VS Cold Patch Mix Asphalt - Choosing the Right Asphalt Mix for Your Paving Project


When undertaking any asphalt paving or repair job, the type of asphalt used makes all the difference for important factors like budget, durability, and project needs. We provide a variety of asphalt mixes delivered directly to commercial and residential Miami properties via our affordable trucking services.

Hot Mix Asphalt – Top Choice for Major Paving

What is Hot Mix Asphalt?

Hot mix asphalt is freshly mixed at high heat and must stay hot to apply and properly set.

Key features:

  • Must be heated to 300°F+ to properly mix and set

  • Requires paving equipment and professional installation

  • Forms strong, durable bond - lasts 10-20 years

  • Best for large jobs like driveways, parking lots

  • Not suitable for cool weather application

  • Best for: Major resurfacing jobs, long-lasting repairs

Cold Patch Mix – Quick, Temporary Fixes

What is Cold Patch Asphalt?

Cold patch asphalt is a pre-mixed asphalt material that can be used to patch potholes and cracks or make small repairs.

Key features:

  • Pre-mixed so no heating or special equipment needed to apply

  • Stays pliable in cooler weather

  • Easy to purchase and use for DIY projects

  • Less expensive option

  • Not meant as permanent repair - lasts 1-5 years typically

  • Best for: Quick fixes, small jobs, winter/cool weather repairs

Understanding your paving needs is crucial before deciding which mix to utilize for best durability, sustainability, and long term cost outlook. As Miami's most reliable trucking hauler, call us anytime at 305-640-1338 to discuss your project specifications and get our asphalt trucks scheduled. Our team is happy to consult on finding the ideal paving or repair material for your property's unique requirements.

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