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Demolition Permit Approved for Edgewater Site. New 55-Story Tower Planned

🏗️ Demolition News in Edgewater! 🏗️

Exciting developments in Edgewater as a total demolition permit was issued late this morning for a 5-story former condo with 13 units unveiling a remarkable transformation!

🚧 Demolition Details:

Permit Approved: November 21

Permit Issued: November 28

Estimated Cost: $160,000

Contractor: Thunder Demolition

🏢 Making Way for Progress:

The site is set for a stunning metamorphosis, paving the way for a new 55-story, 650-foot multifamily tower! In October, plans for this impressive tower, boasting 463 dwelling units, were submitted to Miami’s Urban Development Review Board.

🌇 A Towering Vision:

The future looks bright with a residential tower that will redefine the skyline and bring new life to Edgewater. We're thrilled to be part of this journey and can't wait to witness the transformation unfold!

🌐 Stay Tuned for Updates:

Follow us for more updates as we embark on this incredible journey of reshaping the landscape and creating spaces where communities thrive. #EdgewaterDemolition #EagleCarriersNewsletter



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