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DIY - Create a Fun Backyard Play Area with Mason Sand

DIY play area with mason sand

If you're looking for a simple way to create a designated play space for your kids right in your own backyard, building a sand play area is a great weekend DIY project. The materials are affordable and easy to source, and it can provide hours of open-ended creative play.

In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through how to build a simple sand play area using mason sand as the play surface, with either weather-resistant wood beams or decorative boulders serving as the borders.

Planning Your Sand Play Area

First, scout out a flat area of your yard that gets plenty of sunshine - at least 6 hours per day. The space should measure at least 10 feet by 6 feet for adequate play room.

Decide if you want to use wood beams or boulders to frame your sand area. Both provide an attractive border that contains the sand. Wood beams are the more budget-friendly option, while boulders create a naturalistic look.

Prepping the Site

Clear any grass, plants or debris from your designated area. Dig down about 6 inches deep and make sure the soil is packed firmly to create a stable base.

Installing the Borders

For a wood border, use 4x4 posts cut to the length you need for each side. Sink the end posts 2 feet into the ground, keeping them perfectly square and level to ensure structural integrity. Attach rails between them using 3-inch deck screws.

For a boulder border, dig small trenches around the perimeter where you'll sink boulders 6 to 12 inches down into the soil. Place your largest boulders at the corners, stabilizing them in the holes with smaller stones wedged next to them.

Adding the Sand Surface

Order high-quality mason sand delivered right to your home so it's ready to spread when play time comes. Aim for 6 inches deep across the entire play area. Rake it flat and even out any high or low spots.

You now have a blank canvas for creative sandbox fun! Add small toys like buckets, shovels, rakes and molds for maximum play value. Install a rain cover or tarp to protect the sand between uses. Most importantly, let the kids take the lead in designing their ideal play space.

Ready to Create Your Own Mason Sand Play Area?

Contact us today for a fast quote on premium mason sand delivery and spread. Let us know the dimensions of your planned play area and we'll estimate exactly how much sand you'll need. We can also provide advice if you need guidance choosing between wood beams or boulders for borders. Transform your backyard into a child's paradise this weekend!



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