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DIY - Creating a Stunning Gravel Patio on a Budget

Gravel Patio

Want to create an inviting outdoor living space without breaking the bank? A DIY gravel patio surrounded by lush greenery is an affordable and stylish option for backyards. The combination of gravel and flagstone creates a textured, natural look perfect for hosting summer barbecues or relaxing on weekends.


Crushed Stone/Pea Gravel - 10 cubic yards (about 14-15 tons)

Flagstone pavers - approx. 100 sq ft of irregular flagstone

Shovels & rakes for leveling

Plywood or timber borders (optional)

Plate compactor rental


1.         Map the footprint of your patio area - measure out a rectangular or square shape that will fit your patio furniture and chosen layout with at least 12 inches for a walking path all around. Account for any decks, fencing, or landscaping already in place. Mark the corners with stakes and string.

2.         Strip the grass - Using sharp shovels or a sod remover, remove any grass and vegetation inside the marked area. Dig down 4 inches deep and ensure dirt is level. Rake smooth and tamp down with a compactor.

3.         Add gravel base layer - Add a 2 inch layer of crushed stone/pea gravel across the foot print, making sure the layer is uniformly level. Use a hand tamper or mechanical plate compactor to compact down completely. The layer should now be only 1.5 inches thick.

4.         Lay flagstones - Beginning in a back corner, carefully place your largest flattest flagstones as a foundation course. They should be tightly spaced and sit level with the surrounding gravel base. Place next course of stones in front, overlapping the joiners. Fill any gaps around edges with extra gravel as needed.

5.         Backfill amid stones - Shovel gravel between the placed flagstones to fill all spaces and bring the gravel level back up to 2 inches, matching the surrounding height. Compact by hand or with equipment but avoid directly contacting/damaging stones.

6.         Top gravel layer - Top up entire surface with final 2 inch layer of crushed stone. Mound slightly above level then compact to 2 inches across. Finish grade with a rake for a uniform height, keeping material surrounded each flagstone.

7.         Install edging (optional) - To help prevent gravel spreading, you can install timber edging or 8 inch landscape wall blocks dug into the dirt perimeter.

8.         Decorate and enjoy your new DIY patio!

If you need more material information, including pricing and delivery, please contact Eagle Carriers. The most reliable trucking company and supplier of aggregates and materials.



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