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Understanding Crushed Stone Grades: What stone you need for your next project.

Embarking on a construction or landscaping project requires more than just understanding crushed stone grades in general. Let's take deeper into specific grades, exploring the unique characteristics and ideal applications of stones crucial to your next venture.

1. #1 Stone:

· Size: 2-4 inches

· Ideal For: Larger projects, filling sizable holes, creating a robust foundation.

· Additional Notes: The largest grade, ensuring stability and strength.

2. #4 Ballast:

· Size: Varied (typically 1” to 1 ½”)

· Perfect For: Railroad projects, creating a stable and well-draining foundation.

· Additional Notes: Versatile, offering excellent drainage properties.

3. #5 Stone:

· Size: 1 inch or smaller

· Excellent For: Road and paver base construction, providing a solid and compact foundation.

· Additional Notes: A go-to choice for creating stable surfaces.

4. #57 Stone:

· Size: About ¾”

· Versatile For: Concrete mixes, landscaping, drainage projects.

· Additional Notes: Well-rounded, balancing strength and aesthetics.

5. #67 Stone:

· Size: ¾” or smaller

· Ideal For: Road and slab bases, filling applications.

· Additional Notes: Offers stability, making it suitable for various foundational needs.

6. #89 Pea Rock:

· Size: Varied (typically 3/8” to ½”)

· Suited For: Creating decorative pathways, filling spaces in landscaping.

· Additional Notes: Smaller size, providing a visually appealing and functional touch.

7. #9 Rice Rock:

· Size: Varied (typically 1 inch and smaller)

· Perfect For: Decorative landscaping, enhancing visual appeal.

· Additional Notes: Small and uniform, ideal for ornamental purposes.

Choosing Your Stone: Tailoring to Your Project Needs

· Larger Foundations: opt for #1 Stone for unparalleled stability.

· Railroad Projects: Embrace the versatility of #4 Ballast for reliable drainage.

· Stable Road Bases: Utilize #5 Stone for a robust and compact foundation.

· Versatile Construction: Incorporate #57 Stone, balancing strength, and aesthetics.

· Foundations and Filling: Turn to #67 Stone for stability and versatility.

· Decorative Landscaping: Enhance visual appeal with #89 Pea Rock and #9 Rice Rock.

Armed with insights into specific crushed stone grades, your project planning becomes a tailored journey. Choose the stone that aligns precisely with your goals, ensuring a foundation of strength, stability, and visual appeal. Call us for a quote on the Aggregate Stone you need for your project.

Rock Crusher from a Quarry


#1 Stone

#4 Ballast

#5 Stone

#57 Stone

#67 Stone

#89 Stone Pearock


3 1/2"


2 1/2"


1 1/2"









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